Updates :)

Wellllll, this blog was originally about my Philly loves and my love for Philly. . . but since God has other plans for me then to spend all of my days with them, I turn my eyes heavenward and get really excited for what He does have planned. I think it's better that He keeps me in the dark sometimes because if I knew everything, I would try to do it all on my own - and we know how that would end up~ hot mess.

So here is what is going on right now. As of today, I have 23 days left of teaching in Philly, then I am moving on to grad school in the fall - Clinical Psychology. It seems like a huge leap, but, God directed it so clearly, I know it will be awesome. Mostly I just dread getting up so early every morning and battling the rush hour traffic both ways. My students are still amazing and cute and I love them, even when they bite me :)

Ministry - ahhh, well, I mean, besides teaching in the city - God has lined me up to work with the youth at Calvary Fellowship Church in Downingtown, PA. Oh. My. Word. These girls are hilarious, and there was definitely a 'God thing' that happened that helped me link with them quickly. Its awesome to see young people extreme about their faith and excited to grow in knowledge and truth. I mean, seriously, these girls are amazing. . . . I told God I would go anywhere but the suburbs, but I am very thankful that He didn't listen to me. :)

So thats that. Just waiting it out until teaching is done and pretty peaceful about the monumental changes taking place - because, with all the drama of the last couple of years, I have learned firmly that He is Who He says He is and He can do what He says He can do.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is a picture of 'lunch detention' . . . .its no wonder they end up complaining if they DON'T get to come up here at lunch :)