Report Cards and My Dear Bashir

Sooo . . . . it's nearing the end. . . .

Many afternoons I see Bashir wondering around the parking lot of the corner store. Since I live on the corner- its where I park. Today I happened to see him and he came over with a suspicious manila folder in his hand. I say suspicious only because it had red marker on it, with the words - REPORT CARD . . . . ohhhh the joy! He needed to use my phone, so that gave me the perfect opportunity to look at this report card. He did well. Bashir is moving up to the 6th grade!

It makes me laugh looking at the School District of Philadelphia report card. I have filled out tons of these in the past couple of years. Thinking of the teachers the mission kids have, and how they view them. I think of the teachers in my school, and the hours of conversations I have had with them about students - picking apart the smallest behaviors and discussing the annoyances and the funny things that kids say and do. There are people who complain, laugh and get hair-pulling frustrated at our mission kids. Looking at Bashir's report card, made me wonder which of my kids had anyone to show theirs to?

So - to end the year of insanity (I started typing out a more detailed explanation of this insanity, but worry about my job with the latest contract fiascos made me delete and start over) I wanted to put up a small tribute to the kids that I filled out these report cards for.

I swear I have boundaries with my students - I really do! This one is just a special case :) and it was the last couple days of school. . . . .

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