Are There Projects in Heaven?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (ahhhhh Twitter . . . ) know that Wednesdays are by far my favorite night of the week. This is when the girls come over to my house for Bible Study. The sweetest times we have with the girls are during these nights. I love love love it because it is without excuse the time when we present them with truth - pure truth. We hand out Bibles, open them up and read. Its glorious.

What do we talk about? Well . . . the girls decided that. One of the last nights in the kitchen (where we met the girls during the school year) we had the girls ask any questions they had about God. They asked some SERIOUSLY GOOD QUESTIONS! So we took the deep-life-long-seeking questions that we couldn't get to in those 45 minutes and spread them across the summer.

So we meet on Wednesday nights and do our best to answer these questions for the girls. Where did everything come from? How do we know God is real? Who is Jesus? and so on . . . .

I love these nights because the girls come, they act goofy, but then when the Bibles open and the questions start flowing. . . its just amazing. They really seem to think and contemplate and get excited to learn. I mean, COME ON, you can't ask for ministry like this. You can't make this stuff up - but God is good like that, and He wants to change lives, so I guess if we are willing to be tools, He'll make it happen.

This ministry has brought me to deep places in myself, learning, streeeeetching, straining, pressing places. . . but when I am sitting with the girls on a Wednesday, and one of them rests their head on my shoulder and asks questions about the God stuff, it is absolutely, completely worth every trial and test I have experienced down here. I mean it is what we were saved for, right? Honoring His name? Glorifying Him in obedience? I love this . . . .

Therefore, those also who suffer according to the will of God shall entrust their souls to a faithful Creator in doing what is right.
1 Peter 4:19

So telling these girls about this Creator is doing what is right? I really think it is. And is fighting through the trials worth it? Absolutely.

So . . . on a different note - here are some of quotes from Wednesday night Bible studies . . .

- Are there projects in heaven? In Madea Goes to Jail they told her she was going to have to live in the projects of heaven because she was bad.

- I am a Christian, but I don't act like one. ***WOAH, this was a extremely honest moment that lead to a really good discussion.

- What would the world be like if Jesus were around today? I think people would be really disrespectful to Him, because people be irkin' round here.

- Jesus had to do something bad because why would they kill Him like that?

- . . . not a quote but a VERY AWKWARD video chat with my married male friend where the girls said I could take his wife's place. . . led to a discussion about marriage and commitment.

- Why does God let Christian people do mean things?

- Is it true that the only escape from pain and suffering is death? (this girl was asked if she felt that way, and she said no, someone else had said that to her. . . I was a little scared)

- . . . when asked to write things they knew about Jesus, Myeisha wrote 'Jesus loves Myeisha, Myhonia, Megan, K (this was for Carolyn) and Doreen'- Myeisha is one of the thicker-skinned girls, so this was a sweet look into her soft inside :)

- Jesus is a hero.

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