Ohh how facebook works. . . . I got some random application invite for a 'traveling balloon'. . . this one was to recognize september as childhood cancer awareness month.

i don't think i could be more aware of anything in september then childhood cancer.

it will be one year this month that ebony passed away. as much as we know the truth of the Gospel that there is eternal life for those who believe and I KNOW she is spending eternity with her SAVIOR! her FATHER! the ULTIMATE LOVER OF HER SOUL! . . . as much as i know these things, my humaity still kicks in every now and then and i just simply MISS HER!!!!!

i know she is in a better place.

i know she is free from the pain she endured for the last excruciating months of her life.

i know, i know, i know. . . but i still miss her. my human brain can't wrap itself around the concept of eternity - the idea that our time worshipping our Savior together will be so much that the time apart will be non-existant.

but i am human. and i am impatient. and i miss her.

ive been listening to this again. probably too much.

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