New Year - New Blog

I am not sure I am allowed to call it a 'new blog' since it is the only one that I have. Just in case those in Scranton whom I miss, and those in Chester County, whom I have just begun to love would like to hear tidbits of what the Lord is doing in the ministry in Philadelphia and in the school I am teaching - I created this little blog here.

I am heading into the city in October. The mission we are working with feeds the homeless on Mondays and ministers to the families in the projects next door on Tuesdays. Currently, I am just working on Tuesdays, but once my Bible study ends on Mondays, I will join the team then as well.

Praise the Lord for how He has arranged this. When I joined the group on Tuesdays in July, I prayed the entire ride home that this would be the next place that the Father would lead me. A job became available (thanks to the sending of my resume by my mother - who herself just started seeing things 'in light of eternity' this summer) and then within weeks, an apartment. Not just a typical apartment. A room in a condo that is a block away from the mission. Anything else would have been double of my price range in that area, but a dear woman named Julie had been praying, and asked me if I would consider moving in. Consider? What is there to consider?

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So I am moving, a little over a year after I came home. But this year has been an extraordinary one. My tumors (another story for another day), my parents survived a potentially fatal motorcycle accident and now are considering what they are going to do with their new spiritually alive selves. So being here for this year was necessary, if not ordained. I cannot say it was my favorite year, but it was one for the record books (at least my personal record books).

God is good. All the time. . . .without a doubt.

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