Sitting in Scranton

So I am sitting back in the greatest city that has impacted my life. In my favorite spot in the whole world. I stood in my second favorite earlier today as we decorated the building for VBS. Peter and Kelly are letting me (Dennis and Kelly) are at a graduation party for a girl that attends Steamtown Church. That's right, it is a full blown church. . . .the idea we talked about way back when Den and Pete were bachelors living in Jackson Street's parsonage (over five years ago) is up and running and God is blessing them tremendously. Check it out. www.steamtownchurch.com I cry when I look at the website, but that's because it was a part of me and a part of me is in there somewhere. :-)

As I sit here, I think about how different my life is now. I am in a different ministry. . . that looks like ours did back when we met in the park and had no idea where any of it was going. We had faith, and like the little crafty sign in Kelly's kitchen says - - - "faith makes all things possible. . . not easy." So it wasn't easy, but there is not a single thing we would change in the journey. . . except maybe I would change the idea of me moving back to me staying. But then I wouldn't have Philly. . . .which means no Tyshanna, Rachel, David, Martesha or any of the loves that my heart yearns to see saved and spend eternity joining our chorus.

So I think my blog today. . . .the first one since I first started working in Philly will be about the top ten things I love/miss about Scranton. . . at least my life in Scranton.

10. Vitale's Market . . .living next door to a grocery is the most convenient thing for the hostess who can't mantain a grocery shoping list.
9. Camping with the Kellys and Rose
8. Lazy Saturday mornings when Rose would make coffee and Pete would make eggs and we would sit around the table and eat breakfast together
7. Lazy weeknights when we would sit on our back porches.
6. Staying up until three in the morning to watch the boys play RISK.
5. Beating the boys at RISK
4. Staying up until three in the morning on Kelly and Pete's or our couches and having theological discussions that stretched us and united us :-)
3. The Healey kids
2. Living next door to Peter and Kelly
1. Living with Rose of course :-)

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