you got so many men in your phone and no boyfriends

i am sitting in my living room, laughing out loud . . . by myself . . . because i am thinking about all that transpired tonight. doreen. . . .my LOVELY doreen and i took two of our girls out to talk.

about s-e-x.

hilarium. if hilarious were to have a noun version, whatever that word would be . . . that's what we had at dinner tonight. hilarium.

its so funny to talk to these girls about this stuff. on the serious side, they know we love them, they know we care. . . they know we are super accessible to them and really really want to see them make smart choices and not be held back by regrets. so this talk was good. it was amazing actually. i feel like doreen did a phenomenal job of making it about communication. the more these things are out in the open, the more its discussed in a safe place, with safe people . . . the less likely it is for those not so smart choices to be made. . . . its just really good.

so yes there was goodness. . . but also the fun site of seeing them squirm. . . i mean SQUA-IRRM!!! physically turning away, trying to join the conversation of other tables! strangers! it was awesome. but it served its purpose. they received it well, and they seemed excited to realize that they had people besides their moms to talk to about this stuff. people that won't make it a past-stuff issue, but rather, a look-at-where-we-are-going-from-here issue.

so of course this leads to discussion of my personal life. my cell phone gets taken and that is where we arrive at our quote, which became the title of this entry. laughing loudly. . . in the middle of red lobster. . . seriously drawing attention from multiple parties around us. once the ice of giggling was broken, we were done for. throw-you-head-back laughter. this is what these girls do to me.

they ask questions like. . . and i always answer with . . .

are you going out with nigel? -yes.
are you going out with trent?- yes.
is miss doreen going out with trent? -yes.
is that boy that came (the boy i never talked to at all, don't know his name) your boyfriend? -yes.
are you going out with vince? -yes
are you still going with nigel? -yes.
do you and miss doreen fight over trent? -yes.
do you have a boyfriend? -yes.

i just answer yes because it ends the discussion. and confuses them. and its funny. i dont know why they take me seriously. two years later - i have dated every male that has ever stepped foot on the mission parking lot and they keep asking. . . but they KNOW its not real, and every time i say yes, they still get confused for a minute and they still ask more questions later. its the funniest thing. . . . i did the same thing with my students at school this past year. . . .

miss flinn do you have a fiance? - yes.
are you married? -yes.
do you want to date the janitor? -yes.
did you wear earrings today to impress the janitor? -yes.
are you wearing dresses now because you gots yourself a man? -yes.
did you have a date last night- there is still some mascara on your eyes? -yes.

its just easier that way. it ends the conversation. and its sooooo funny.

i will blog soon about the bible study we are having this summer. its really good stuff. i am just a little tired and a little too giddy from a night of giggling with the girls and doreen.

great night.

substantial conversation.

substantial laughter.

a substantially good time was had by all.


rachel.horning said...

i am obsessed with this post - it cracked me up.

i can hear all of them laughing and asking you about all your boyfriends, :).

miss you!

Sarah said...

HAHAHAH I CONCUR! i'm gonna start asking you about your boyfriends. my favorite is the are you wearing ----- to impress the janitor? yes.