After a long time away. . .

To bring you up to date. . . So its a new apartment, closer to the mission, closer to the kids. New roommates- the ever-energetic Rachel and the ever-mellow Cashee.

But that is not what got me so excited to post. Over Christmas break, my first little Philly love, Tyshanna moved to Delaware. This hit hard. Harder then it should. It made me question a lot - so soon after Eb, another kid that I connected with was swept out of my life. I knew the reality that Tyshanna was still ALIVE, just in Delaware, but it cut so much deeper then it would have due to the timing. But God is faithful, His timing - praiseworthy.

As I have come out of the mourning process, more joyful then I went in, I still missed Tyshanna. Missed the smile and the love that had no real explanation, just because she is a loving kid. I was in my room this morning, going through pictures of her, and Eb and asking God to reveal to me what He is teaching, and thanking Him for showing me the depths so that I could know the heights that much more.

Thats when I go a knock on my door. And I heard the best thing I have heard in a long long time! The sweet little voice of Tyshanna saying, "Miss Megan - its me. . . . "

She is somehow, someway Cashee's cousin, but everyone in the neighborhood is everyone's cousin somehow, someway. So Cash brought her over to surprise me.

She is back. FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!

She even showed me some of the hair-straightening skills she learned in Delaware.

God is good.

All the time.

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