So I made it to Spring Break again!!!

So there is no greater part of being a North Philly teacher then the following two words. . . .



The dreaded PSSA tests are over and you go into work each morning wondering if you can actually make it to June AGAIN without going certifiably insane. The kids are overly stressed from the build up to, tension during and deflation after testing. And the teachers? Well we get to where it is a watching of the clock, securing the room and making it until the bell rings.

Don't get me wrong. I love my kids. And I say that this year when I have had the 'turn-around-homeroom'. We started out with bleak at best expectations, and now we get compliments. That's right, the people known for criticism and harsh standards give us compliments. My kids pulled it off. They started seventh grade as sixth graders and are almost finished looking like eight graders.

And I genuinely love them. They are actually great kids. If they manage to keep their noses clean and stay away from the tricky stuff that can so quickly pull any kid down- north philly or chester county - they each have the potential to 'be all they can be'.

So here's to my kids that I love.

I also love that I won't see them for a week.

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