I Just Want to Gushhhhh Over These Girls

I just love them. I took some of the girlies out for dinner tonight. It started as a special one on one night with Donyae, but as middle school girls are social creatures, Rickyah and Aliyma joined in the festivities at Honey's Sit and Eat - my new favorite place to take the lovelies! 

Here is the night in pictures!

My girl Donyae! 

Love this pic of Rickyah! She was trying to make a completely different face and this broke out right before the camera finally took the picture . . . so glad it worked out like this!

Mmmmmm . . . . Honey's is just so gooooooood!!!!

 Aliyma Girl!!!! Always ready with a pose!!!

 Rickyah PRETENDS she doesn't like having her picture taken, but she is just so darn cute! I think she is coming out of this stage : )

I have never seen this before. Apparently ALL of the girls said that their moms taught them to do this with the silverware in restaurants. According to Donyae you need to "clean 'em up" before you use them. When I asked about it, she just kept repeating "clean 'em up". I know I am not crazy because even the waitress looked at the glasses funny. I'm not crazy. . . . 

After dinner we headed off to soccer . . . just love this candid of Rickyah running - again, she thought the camera has already gone off : )

Like I often say . . . It's pretty clear that these girls have my heart. 

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