Just thinking about Easter. . . .

So often I forget the greatness of God and the greatness of the sacrifice. I tell others when they come to me that guilt is a form of selfishness because you are saying that you need to carry this thing around with you because the sacrifice of Christ on the cross was not enough.

How much more so do I need to remind myself of this! I have been looking on all of my sins lately, on all of my shortcomings and I have been thinking that I am not equipped to do this ministry with these kids. I am right. I am not equipped. In my flesh, I will never be equipped. But Christ is! And this same God that was powerful enough to pay for not only my sins, but those of the entire world in one sacrifice, is the same God that lives inside of me. I have not been claiming that. Claiming that this earthly body, which is tainted with a sinful nature and bad habits, is also carrying one third of the Trinity. I am not equipped but the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world is.

So as I look toward this weekend, I think about the power of His blood. Those of you who have heard me talk about Ebony know how much she means to me. Her favorite worship song was 'Nothing But the Blood'. So I think too about her testimony in that. That she knew the great healing power of His blood and because of it, knew exactly where she was heading when her battle against cancer was lost. But was it lost? No, "to live is Christ, and to die is gain". Ebony knew the deep truth of this better then I do.

So when I look upon the cross and see this blood, and when I think upon the deep truth that Eb showed me, I realize that He is powerful. My sins are accounted for and I am able to live in freedom. Free to love as He would, free to serve without worry or guilt. Free to know that He reigns, and my sin does not.

I love Easter. Love love love it! I love that I am able to have the week off prior each year to refocus and remember who I am. A person washed in the blood. Someone who has been in the fountain that is filled with blood as that old hymn says. I listened to that hymn this morning on youtube (how great is it being a Christian in the world of podcasts and youtube?) and wanted to share it with you because it reminded me of the great work done by the blood of Christ in the life of everyone who believes.

Here is the link to the hymn

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Sarah said...

love you! you are so amazing. reading your blog has helped me refocus, too.