Spring Break with a BANG

So Spring Break has only been going on for 35 hours, but I have already spent more then half of them with mission girls. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, but its been a large percentage so far.

Last night, I took them out on the town. We parked right under the Comcast Building. Ok, to be honest, by 'out on the town' I mean we went to TGIFridays. I mean, it was Friday after all. . . anyway, thought the view from the sunroof was pretty cool.

I have to sneak pictures of Myeisha. I love how they are learning to spend my money wisely. They agreed to order of the children's menu so there was money left for dessert :)

Once I had them warmed up, we took the chance for a photo op right outside at night- safe neighborhood though, as we took this, we were looking at the Franklin Institute and the fountain.

I planned on sleeping innnn this Saturday kickoff day of Spring Break. The girls thought differently. My phone was blowing up with text messages before 9 am. The girls stopped by before noon and we chatted in the stairwell for a moment. Also, Eggstravaganza was going on at the mission and I apparently needed to be there. So of course I schlepped myself over there for a some time with the kiddos and somehow got talked into taking them to the park afterwards.

Who knew there were boulders that look like a hiking-type national park underneath the expressway? Myeisha spotted these and insisted on a photo op. Dang, for someone who hides from the camera, she sure wants me to take a lot of pictures with my itty bitty cell camera.

The Girl, The Myth, The Legend. . . . Myeisha Day (the previous picture was her little sis Tahmyia)

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Megan is the most awesome woman I know!