Walking home . . . like the movies

Those days. Today was one of those days.  These days are when we decide that Murphy's Law is true, Tylenol doesn't even touch the headache and the clock seems to tick backwards. It started this morning - first class transition of the day. It was smooth sailing in the morning with my homeroom during the fifteen minutes where we talk about bullying and being kind and my kids humor me as I talk about things that they have heard, and ignored a million times before. Every one of us has been in middle school, so every one of us has done this to a teacher or two. Myself included. 

Anyway, the classes switch and I am shuffling homeroom 211 in the door. I keep my door locked so that kids that like to roam the hallways can't stop by for surprise visits. Well, one of the kids from 211 decided to stroll over about five minutes late. As I walked to the door, he turned away from it to play fight with a student in the hallway. Long story short, when I opened the door, he jumped as it touched the back of him and as he turned around, grabbed the door and proceeded to slam it as hard as he could back at me. I kept telling him to move out of the way, but he was set on slamming me in the face. 

So I called down to the school police officer and he took him down to the office. This led to a visit to the principal's office to talk to police, charges were filed. . . etc. etc. etc. Later in the day, another student, my 'turn-around-kid' . . . the one ever overly ambitious teacher hopes to transform . . . went back to his old ways and told me to 'get the f__ out of here.' He really is a turn around kid - my student of the month for April. Probably the only student of the month that earned a pink slip during his reign. So my morning was handcuffs leading into an early afternoon of pink slips, then of course I get on the bus home. 

I am still on the bus because although Progressive finally sent the correct information to PennDot to reinstate my car registration, PennDot told me the wrong number, so I will wait even longer to get my car back. The car I have always had valid insurance on. The car that got taken because of a PennDot and/or Progressive snafoo. So I had Progressive fax it again over my lunch break, to the correct (here's to hoping) fax number. We shall see - if all works according to plan, I should be able to drive the car again soon. 

The author of Murphy's Law would have gotten my validation today.

But this entry is not about the pouting I did all day at school, or even the grumpiness I portrayed on my ride home today. . . its about Dontay. 

Dontay Williamson. .  .is . . . the greatest. I mentioned his sister Donyae earlier in my blog- she's one of my 'kitchen' girls. I am actually taking her out tonight. . . . 

Taytay, as we like to call him, causes me to do one of three things to me every time I see him. I either smile really big and shake my head at his craziness, or I throw my head back and laugh at him. The third thing. . . now this is my favorite. When I am walking home on days like today - beautiful outside - I am guaranteed to see the mission kids as I go. Today was better then most. No one was smoking crack in my line of view at all. Peaceful. 

Back to Taytay. I love this. When I see him walking down the street, I always hear him before I see him. "MISS MEEEEEEEGAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!" And sure enough, a block away from me is a little man with a smile so big it barely fits on his little fourth grade face. Then it happens. The third of three things I do when I see him. Well, we both do it. . . .

We throw open our arms and run full speed towards each other. Straight out of an after school special. One time he even dropped his book bag off of his shoulders to gain maximum speed. When we finally meet, its a crashing-of-bodies type of hug. Today we were even saying 'like the movies - like the movies - like the movies' over and over until we crashed into each other. Then I pick the little man up and swing him around - like the movies. 

What I love best about this greeting is that it doesn't matter who is around. Some of the older boys are too cool for me and only hug or stop and talk when their friends aren't around.  Mostly I get a head nod and 'sup megan' from them. I have even gotten this from Swanney, our well known second grader down here. But never, not once, from Taytay. He is faithful, loyal and unashamed. . . for now. I'll take what I can get, because on days like this - its a mood turner for sure! 

Ohhhhhhh and one of my clients gave me flowers last night. Granted he brought them for his girlfriend but she didn't show up, so I was second string - but I'll take what I can get. They made me smile when I walked through the door either way. Enjoy!

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